What Form Of Busi-ness Are We In?

We all have our own version of busi-ness, but what that really means is… “How we choice to use the time we are given while we are here.” Very interesting idea… … Continue reading What Form Of Busi-ness Are We In?

Correct and Transform

Understanding the purpose of your Light & Shadow Attributes. Your Light Attributes are always available and present in your life – unfortunately we often focus on the more Shadowy aspects … Continue reading Correct and Transform

Live In The Light Prayer

Know your divinity. And allow me, Your Radiant Self to emerge. For your body is your Temple and your Sacred Passage. A wealth of ancient knowledge and an immaculate masterpiece … Continue reading Live In The Light Prayer


All The Light Centres In The Pathway Of Devotion Are Gateways November CYAN is the GATEWAY in the Celestial Realm, which is the POINT of POWER for the Higher Purpose. This … Continue reading Gateways

Heartfelt Reality

  Now, more than ever, we must learn to apply the Heavenly science of the Light to help humankind. The celestial event of the Venus transit happening on June 5th … Continue reading Heartfelt Reality