Participating with Purpose

Life presents us with so many competing demands that any thought toward a larger purpose gets lost in a storm of “but how”. Our days are consumed by chores: taking … Continue reading Participating with Purpose


The Star archetype is always ready to shine. She expands her sphere of influence by making quality connections. Her gift is humble but strong.     Her call is this … Continue reading The STAR

The Butterfly

The Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change.                                     If she comes … Continue reading The Butterfly

The Wise Woman

The Wise Woman archetype has a kind and understanding heart. Her gifts are many and her presence brings with it Discernment and Grace. Her call is this – ‘OBEDIENCE OF … Continue reading The Wise Woman

How you get on purpose and add value?

You have to name the problem or obstacle first before you can begin to create the solution. Mm… So, what do you see in the world that needs correcting. For … Continue reading How you get on purpose and add value?