The Unite Your Light BACKSTORY

Elizabeth Ellames – The Unite Your Light community was seeded in Adelaide, South Australia by myself back in October 2011.  My first year was facilitating the Unite Your Light group as a social change community, along with the co-creation of a wonderful Unite Your Light event – RISE UP – Birthing A New Humanity. – It was a year of keen and intense observation and very soon it became clear to me that what I was actually facilitating was a new style of leadership. So, the next year I invited the women to participate in a 10 month New Style Leadership program.

The Unite Your Light | New Style Leadership For Women Program supported women to discover their talents, demonstrate their collaborative skills and confidently put their ideas and life experience into social change actions.

Its been my experience over many years that knowing your gifts or purpose is only the first step. I found that it’s in the interaction and connections within a community that one begins to see how their particular gifts are of real value in the world.

I realized that it’s not enough to give people the information that aligns them with their purpose, but it is vitally important to provide an infrastructure that allows them to become cordial collaborators and the New Style Leaders we need in the world.

This unique model of personal and community development continues to offer a supportive and creative platform for women to shine together.

And this powerful model still exists today in the form of “Empowerment Circles for Women,” which is a modified version of the original program – providing a purpose-driven community where members complement each other’s gifts. 

Meet the women of Unite Your Light

It’s also become very clear to me that the nature of community and business is changing – This model of leadership for women has been and still continues its commitment to growing a better humanity through social change.

A shift in what we truly value needs to occupy our minds and hearts, this is what will create a new humanity.

To achieve this it will require 3 simple but important factors.


1. YOUR LIFE equates to your vehicle.
2. YOUR LOVE equates to your purpose.
3. YOUR LEGACY equates to your contribution.

Special Message from Barbara Marx-Hubbard to the Unite Your Light WOMEN

Barbara Marx-Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is an innovator, evolutionary thinker, and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution and is a part of The Shift Movement. In this video, Barbara Marx-Hubbard congratulates the Unite the Light WOMEN on their amazing achievements during 2012.

Barbara also acknowledges Souzi D. Wilson on her fantastic song RISE UP, we can make a change.