What if the ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE?

Is the vibration of LOVE simply the coherence of creation? We so often confuse the word Love with only being in a romantic relationship. What if the true meaning and … Continue reading What if the ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE?

Participating with Purpose

Life presents us with so many competing demands that any thought toward a larger purpose gets lost in a storm of “but how”. Our days are consumed by chores: taking … Continue reading Participating with Purpose

The Gift Of Celestial Slumber

Good Morning Shing Ones, The last quarter of the year in the Living Attributes culture is known as the Festival of Angelic Light. As we approach the gift of Christmas what becomes … Continue reading The Gift Of Celestial Slumber

To the Sacred Mother Goddesses…

To you, My Beloved Sacred Mother Goddess – I ask that you make people smile, for amidst their misinterpreting of My Truth they may become bitter. Through your desire to honor … Continue reading To the Sacred Mother Goddesses…

Living Your Goddess #2

Women On Purpose… with heartfelt intention to make a difference. Now more than ever before we as women are being called to activate our life’s true purpose. We are being … Continue reading Living Your Goddess #2


The Star archetype is always ready to shine. She expands her sphere of influence by making quality connections. Her gift is humble but strong.     Her call is this … Continue reading The STAR