Synergy is the nature of Divine Creation

The Nature Of Divine Creation is what Social and Spiritual synergy are made from… Our ability to know the Divine Presence, brings with it our ability to be like Divine Presence. There is and will always be challenges with such awareness, which are divinely necessary for the growth of human beings. Young of heart, young ofContinue reading “Synergy is the nature of Divine Creation”

What if the ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE?

Is the vibration of LOVE simply the coherence of creation? We so often confuse the word Love with only being in a romantic relationship. What if the true meaning and vibration of Love is the energy that surrounds our planet and is actually the power that ignites creation. We all know that it’s our heartContinue reading “What if the ART of ALCHEMY is LOVE?”

Participating with Purpose

Life presents us with so many competing demands that any thought toward a larger purpose gets lost in a storm of “but how”. Our days are consumed by chores: taking care of our body, our family, our job, and our possessions. We talk to people without really connecting and remaining spare time often dissipates intoContinue reading “Participating with Purpose”

The Gift Of Celestial Slumber

Good Morning Shing Ones, The last quarter of the year in the Living Attributes culture is known as the Festival of Angelic Light. As we approach the gift of Christmas what becomes apparent is the absolute devotion of the beautiful accelerators of creation – the Angel Rays. They do indeed teach us the gift of bestowal. TheContinue reading “The Gift Of Celestial Slumber”

Becoming Half Angel, Half Human

There are so many versions of what Angels are… Are they spiritual light forms that communicate and interact with us? Do we really have a myriad of angels serving in just about every capacity imaginable, from helping us tend to the care and health of our body, passing tests, mending relationships, cleaning up oil spillsContinue reading “Becoming Half Angel, Half Human”

Clarity = Consistency

We have entered a new frontier of awareness, which requires women to be New Style Leaders. ‪ If you’re one of these New Style Leaders, chances are you’ve outgrown some areas of your life. The way you operate your career, lifestyle, relationships may now feel foreign to you, so it’s an understatement to say you probably feelContinue reading “Clarity = Consistency”