Correct and Transform

Understanding the purpose of your Light & Shadow Attributes. Your Light Attributes are always available and present in your life – unfortunately we often focus on the more Shadowy aspects … Continue reading Correct and Transform

Our Point In The Heart Reveals Our Gift To Humanity

  ‘A Point in The Heart’ – my point in the heart took me to Paris. Our Point in the Heart is the Light that was placed there by the … Continue reading Our Point In The Heart Reveals Our Gift To Humanity

Realms of Consciousness

This month at Temple de Lumiere we celebrated the archetype of the Enchantress, which was presented by Souzi Wilson. I would like to acknowledge Souzi for her wonderful presentation that centered … Continue reading Realms of Consciousness

Heartfelt Reality

  Now, more than ever, we must learn to apply the Heavenly science of the Light to help humankind. The celestial event of the Venus transit happening on June 5th … Continue reading Heartfelt Reality

Finding Your Creativity

Attention to the inner workings of our psyche can help us make creativity central to our lives. Thoughts on Creativity – by Jean Houston They say that ideas are a … Continue reading Finding Your Creativity