Realms of Consciousness

This month at Temple de Lumiere we celebrated the archetype of the Enchantress, which was presented by Souzi Wilson. I would like to acknowledge Souzi for her wonderful presentation that centered around family, forgiveness and sensuality. Her message really brought home the power of love and forgiveness. At the end of Souzi’s story she graced us all with a joyful song that she wrote called “Forgive Yourself”. Thank you again Souzi for sharing your beautiful voice and story with us.

The other part of our morning was spent exploring the four realms of consciousness and how these different levels of reality are not just some lofty experience we have in meditation, but rather they are indeed real levels of experience in our daily life. What follows is a description of how we can work with each of our archetypes in these realms to fulfill our true purpose in life.

Physical Realm (OUR EARTHLY NEEDS)                                                                    What is the nature of your life purpose? This is where you draw on the qualities of your particular archetype in the physical sense. This archetype helps you to stay focused on your true nature in your life/business/vocation. By identifying with the particular attributes of this cornerstone you gain finer distinctions regarding WHAT your foundational aptitude is and then accordingly activate it in your life. This archetype is the driving force behind the way you present your self in the world.

Emotional Realm (FEELINGS & RELATIONSHIPS)                                                    Why are you in this particular vocation/relationship? This archetypes true power stems from its emotional nature and is the one you draw from to get your message across. The way to be attractive in your vocation/life is by appealing to the emotional needs of your particular relationships/market or audience. Authenticity is paramount and this is the realm of feelings, so coming from your heart and rather than your head is the best way to deliver your communication/message. By applying the attributes from this archetype, rather than trying to copy someone else’s mode of conduct, you will feel comfortable and more confident in your style and delivery. When you are emotionally connected to WHY you are sharing your vision or your life, people will respond accordingly.

Spiritual Realm (CREATIVE PROCESS & SKILLS)                                                         How do you like to operate and relate in your vocation? Here is where you connect to HOW you like to be creative; the way you like to express your inner resources and abilities. Ask yourself what creative systems/modalities do you like to work with the most. The attributes of this archetype will signify what sustains your inner world, your spirit. When you are unable to serve this part of yourself, it will show up in your vocation. A lack of spirit is not attractive; where as a vision that is alive with your own personal spark is what keeps people interested. The great thing about this insight is you don’t have to do anything but be yourself and be a creative expression of your vision in your life.

Celestial Realm (ALLIANCE & EXCELLENCE)                                                                  Who are the people you want to serve or team up with? This is the key to finding out what your true niche is. This is how to best serve the people you are in alignment with in the world. These are the people WHO want to benefit from your highest and most refined talents. This is where you really shine; using the attributes of this particular archetype will help you identify and attract the people who want to listen to you, buy your products and use your services. These attributes are the key to revealing your true excellence and perfected nature. This is you matching your intention with the intention of creation and evolution. 

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