Adopted Archetypes

Authentic Archetypes & Adopted Archetypes The Living Attributes© system is a body of work that has many components. But its fundamental foundations are its configuration of a persons four main archetypes, which are referred to as Cornerstones. Each Cornerstone along with its traditional archetypes also has a set of affiliated support, such as light andContinue reading “Adopted Archetypes”

Correct and Transform

Understanding the purpose of your Light & Shadow Attributes. Your Light Attributes are always available and present in your life – unfortunately we often focus on the more Shadowy aspects of our life. The constant conflict and confusion about others, ones self, past and present situations seems to be a reoccurring event for many individuals.Continue reading “Correct and Transform”

Surround Yourself with Goodness/Godness

Nature and evolution are always leading us toward a perfect state. Up until this point we have advanced by compulsion. From this point forward, we can advance only by adding our understanding of how we develop. Now we can sweeten and speed up our development through our environment. It has been proven that adults andContinue reading “Surround Yourself with Goodness/Godness”

Community vs Commodity

The last few months I have been exploring the idea of community vs commodity. First up I think it is important that one defines what friendship is for oneself – for me it is clearly connected to the attributes of my Visionary archetype, which are Beauty, Purity, Clarity, Dignity, Mindful, Wisdom and Celebration. The word “Quality” quantifiesContinue reading “Community vs Commodity”

Realms of Consciousness

This month at Temple de Lumiere we celebrated the archetype of the Enchantress, which was presented by Souzi Wilson. I would like to acknowledge Souzi for her wonderful presentation that centered around family, forgiveness and sensuality. Her message really brought home the power of love and forgiveness. At the end of Souzi’s story she graced us allContinue reading “Realms of Consciousness”

Finding Your Creativity

Attention to the inner workings of our psyche can help us make creativity central to our lives. Thoughts on Creativity – by Jean Houston They say that ideas are a dime a dozen. They are not. Ideas are diamonds, and they are stocked and stored in the great structure that we call our mind-body system. BeneathContinue reading “Finding Your Creativity”