Surround Yourself with Goodness

Nature and evolution are always leading us toward a perfect state.

Up until this point we have advanced by compulsion. From this point forward, we can advance only by adding our understanding of how we develop.

Now we can sweeten and speed up our development through our environment. It has been proven that adults and children develop enormously with help from their environment.

Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Animal Rights activists, and even Weight Loss programs are all based on the communities influence.

We all need to participate in the same way.

By developing good community we become children of the larger family, and in addition, we then create a similar framework for our children. Ultimately, humanity needs to only be concerned with one thing; creating good environments.

Any parent would be glad to bring a child into a warm, friendly environment, where children are being taught to unite. This unity provides them with a sense of confidence and rids them of fear of poverty, suffering, pride, and other problems inherent in human nature.

It’s nothing out of the ordinary; simply provide a good environment, which is a “gentle place” for development.

Such an environment allows a person to open up and to better perceive and take things in because they are not feeling constantly on the defensive in a hostile environment. As adults, we often don’t understand what it means to be in an abundant environment. Whereas a newborn baby in the arms of our mother we felt nothing except her embrace.

This sensation gives us the strength to develop.

We lack this sensation and that’s why we’re facing a global crisis. In all areas where we previously were successful, we now find ourselves at a dead-end.

The crisis can, on one hand, can be a catastrophe and on the other hand a rebirth. The word “crisis” comes from the Greek word “krisis”, and means a new beginning. However, we use it incorrectly. Also, the word “crisis” in Hebrew means a place where new life emerges. The word “Christ-ness” has been popping into my consciousness of late, they sort of sound and mean the same… interesting.

Let’s remember that it is our environment and our community that makes us happy or not. A truly abundant environment will simply make our lives happy.

Let’s give thanks to the environment that creates an abundant community for us all. When we feel confident we have unity with others, our world feels safe and we feel the impulse to be generous with our gifts. We feel taken care of and want to take care of others. We then recognize we live in a world imbued with warmth, confidence, and kindness.

Our world becomes unified by the Light of Love and Glory.

Heart to Heart Elizabeth

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