The Dove

The Dove archetype represents the feminine power of giving, prophecy, and the hope of a new beginning. The Dove shows and reveals the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. The dove is the joyful keeper of the higher heart, the doorway to our creative soul.

Attuning To The Design Of Creation

This month at –  Unite Your Light WOMEN 2015 – August 30th presents Quest Speaker – Souzi D. Wilson THE PERFORMER Singer/SongWriter Social Synergy Focus 8: Attuning To The Design Of Creation Attribute Loving As we gain access to our collective wisdom, discover our shared destiny and experience group synergy, a new form of governance emerges:Continue reading “Attuning To The Design Of Creation”

How you get on purpose and add value?

You have to name the problem or obstacle first before you can begin to create the solution. Mm… So, what do you see in the world that needs correcting. For me it’s that pesky mediocrity, which of coarse comes in many forms. Finding your purpose is all about the way you identify and clarify whereContinue reading “How you get on purpose and add value?”

Adopted Archetypes

Authentic Archetypes & Adopted Archetypes The Living Attributes© system is a body of work that has many components. But its fundamental foundations are its configuration of a persons four main archetypes, which are referred to as Cornerstones. Each Cornerstone along with its traditional archetypes also has a set of affiliated support, such as light andContinue reading “Adopted Archetypes”

Creating A Sacred Garden

As it is the month of the HEALER in the Living Attributes Typology, I thought it fitting to share some information on how you can work with the healing forces that are ready willing and available in your garden. And how gardening can also have a spiritual effect on your own nature. Gardening, as aContinue reading “Creating A Sacred Garden”