Correct and Transform

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Understanding the purpose of your Light & Shadow Attributes.

Your Light Attributes are always available and present in your life – unfortunately we often focus on the more Shadowy aspects of our life. The constant conflict and confusion about others, ones self, past and present situations seems to be a reoccurring event for many individuals.

What if your feelings or situations aren’t totally an issue of conflict or despair but rather an opportunity for purification? What if these scenarios’ are your opportunity to re-connect with the Absolute?

When you are challenged with a particular issue or uncomfortable feeling take time to identify with what is really going on for you.

What follows is a simple five-step process of ‘correct and transform’ – the key factor here is that your Shadow Attributes are gently or furiously bringing you closer to the Light. We often want to deny or ignore our Shadow Side but the truth is that it is an integral part of the human experience.

A divine example of Gods Left and Right hand patiently guiding you back home again. A Miracle is a shift in perception. We just need to be awake to the fact.


You must maintain your connection to your Source frequently through any of these acts – meditation, prayer, contemplation and quiet time walking or sitting in nature.


When an issue arises ask the question – “What or how do I really feel about this current issue or situation? Then set the intention to be healed and move beyond this limiting reality.

STEP THREE How to recognize your Shadow Attributes – What’s the issue? Example –

• Issue -“I don’t have any money coming in.” • Shadow – “It makes me feel overwhelmed and apathetic.”


Now read your list of Light and Shadow Attributes and find the Shadow Attribute that’s most strongly presenting its self – then commit to a process of ‘correct and transform’. In the above example the Light Attributes to neutralize the Shadow Attributes would be “Competent and Enthusiastic”


Do your Body Prayer of ‘Correct & Transform’- Now it is up to you to maintain your focus, acknowledge your light attributes daily and experience the benefits. Key factor – include these new Light Attributes in all that you do, in particular when in you are doing your meditations, prayers etc.

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