What Form Of Busi-ness Are We In?


We all have our own version of busi-ness, but what that really means is…

“How we choice to use the time we are given while we are here.”

Very interesting idea… TIME, SPACE and BREATH together they are the great equalizer.

Because each of us are given exactly the same about every single day.

The Sun, The Earth and The Air each gave me 24 hours of life to play with… today, yesterday and the day before, as they did you… it is simply a given.

We don’t know when it will end, but we do know that we do indeed have 24 hours and around 22,000 breaths every day we are alive.

So if we start to look at our life through the lens of – What Form Of Busi-ness Are We Really In?

We begin to truly value our precious time, space and breath as our birthright and most powerful resource, because it is really our only constant in life.

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