Live In The Light Prayer


Know your divinity.

And allow me, Your Radiant Self to emerge.

For your body is your Temple and your Sacred Passage.

A wealth of ancient knowledge

and an immaculate masterpiece of creation.

It is your divinity that brings forth life in every living cell.

And it is your love of the Light that brings forth Life.

Use your Light, and use it well.


This is a prayer I received as I was waking on the morning 15th April 2008. It arrived in this rhythmic completed form and I have been able to recite it in its completed form ever since that day. This was also the eve of my 49th birthday and the eve of my first public presentation of Living Attributes. It has become my divine creed and guideline for my life’s purpose.
I have been living this prayer daily now for five years and what follows is a detailed account of what the prayer is ultimately conveying, it has a simple but effective message of the absolute importance of maintaining one’s divinity. I hope it serves your soul as well as it has served mine.

Live in the Light Principles

1. Know your divinity.

This part of the prayer reminds you of your divine origins – Where do you believe you come from? What do you place your faith in? And do you know your own divine nature? These questions provide a meeting place for your worldly way and heart’s desire to be with your loving creator; your God. In this opening message of only three words, you are asked to remember your responsibility to God. For it is out of the relationship with your divinity that you are able to serve, feel, and love all that you have been given. You are able to know God more intimately from your ability to find where your own divinity lies. It is through the infinitely divine heart that one meets the Most Sacred And Holy One, which leads to the next expression.

2. And allow me, Your Radiant Self to emerge.

Now you begin to recognize the divine spark, the presence of the Radiant Self. Here is where you experience the self and God as one. This acknowledgment suggests that in the realm of divine consciousness there is no separation. This is the meeting of the true self. The Ego has given up its struggle for control and this divine union with the Most Sacred And Holy One has given the ego the peace it was seeking for. It now has no fear of separation, because the Radiant Self has emerged and taken dominion in your world of spirit and form.

3. For your body is your Temple.

Here you acknowledge the body as your temple and vehicle. The body in its full glory is a sacred and miraculous vessel. It gives your soul a vehicle to experience a life in the realm of the Physical. Like your soul, your body is multi-dimensional. It functions on many levels without your conscious awareness. When you are able to respect the needs and sanctity of the body you become closer to the true nature of your whole being. You become the ‘House’ of God and welcome all of your makers’ creations with an open heart.

4. And your Sacred Passage.

Through the relationship of divinity with your body, you obtain a regenerating higher frequency. This higher vibration transforms your basic body into a light body, which is your sacred passage. This is the Devotional Body; it is your connection to the Upper Worlds. Your Light Body creates a sacred passage between the worlds. It is your mode of transportation and gift that enables you to create heaven on earth.

5. A wealth of ancient knowledge and an immaculate masterpiece of creation.

Humans have been evolving for millions of years – the universe has been growing for over 13 billion years. And you are one of the results of that amazing evolution. The fact that you embody everything that has come before you gives you great power. You are literally a library; a wealth of pulsating knowledge that’s in every cell of your body. You are part animal, vegetable, and mineral. You are divine intelligence in motion; you create, evolve, think and respond. You are the incredible example of everything you know and don’t know all at once. You have an inner resource that occupies ’s and operates your body without conscious command. You are miraculous.

6. It is your divinity that brings forth life in every living cell.

Here you acknowledge the light as your divinity. The more you are able to see your light and divinity as the life force that sustains all life, the more life/light you create. It is through your heartfelt gratitude and deepest love that the Creator can give us a full and healthy life. Without this eternal spark, you are not fully ignited/united.

7. And it is your love of the Light that brings forth Life.

The love of the light is the respect and embodiment of the God force. The more you acknowledge the evolutionary power of God, and your ability to participate in the larger divine plan, the more Gods divine plan is revealed to you. You are a spark in the mind of God that has taken on a human form. Your ability to create and sustain life is part of your divine nature. When you are creating life with every breath, thought and action you are happy, God is happy.

8. Use your Light, and use it well.

Once you have come to the realization that you are a piece of Gods light in the world, you begin to use that light wisely. You remember the divine placement of this precious gift and know not to throw it around like loose change, but rather give your contribution to the world with great reverence. This light; your gift was given to you freely and with profound love.

So, in conclusion, you must be willing to share your gift with an equivalent devotion.

Blessings Abound
Elizabeth Ellames

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