What is Courage?

The Hero archetype has passion and courage. And stands convicted for what he or she believes in. With enthusiasm and innovation they bring forth change.


The Horse represents freedom and power. Horse people are wild spirits that cannot be broken. When Horse comes to you… look for safe passage into the new. We must synchronize our motives with that of others so we can quickly and steadily reach our goals.

Elizabeth Ellames sharing her thoughts on courage from her 2014 Take a Chance, Choose Change campaign. 

URIELS MESSAGE – I AM Uriel your resplendent glow of innovation…

I come to you with my orange beam of vital enthusiasm.

Be hold, for I bring to you a life that is exciting and bold.

A divine spark in your mind am I.

A complete and supreme delivery of courage that lights your way.

Once your passion does arrive and your life finds true purpose.

I show you the mirror of courage and you are transformed.


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