Why do we suffer so?


Itʼs amazing to see how fast intention can create your reality.

Do you sit down on a regular basis and get crystal clear on these two questions “What is my VISION, What is my PURPOSE?”

The last time I went into this inquiry, I realized that one of my core desires is to collaborate and partner with the most high-vibration, high-vision, high-power people on the planet to create leaders, systems, programs and services that will profoundly impact the future of business, culture and community…

It wasnt long before I had brought together a community of women who wanted to collaborate and change the face and soul of business/community and grow a new humanity.

And as I connected heart to heart with all of these amazing and powerful women, I watched their value and values grows, as they pushed through many persistent obstacles.

A question that needed addressing became very clear to me – Why it is that people often suffer or struggle, while pursuing their life purpose?

It’s because there is a lack of resonance or alignment!!

What I mean is that in order to be successful, happy, and passionate about your vocation or vision, you need 3 layers of alignment… which Iʼll share with you below.

1. What You Are Doing – You have to feel really good about yourself and what your business is about. Do you feel like itʼs making a difference in the world? Do you enjoy what you do? Are you adding value? If you would rather be talking about transformation, but instead youʼre stuck talking about sales – you will suffer.

2. How You Are Doing It – The way you demonstrate your leadership has to be congruent with your lifestyle and values. If you see yourself as a spiritual person and yet you donʼt have any time to practice the tools that keep you in that flow of energy – this will cause you to suffer. If you are using tactics or methods that are out of integrity – this will cause you to suffer. If you are making decisions from a “that’ll do” place – this to will cause you to suffer. The way in which you run and operate your business must be in alignment with your truth.

3. Who You Are Doing It With – Are the people you serve and the people on your team the type of people you truly want to help? Iʼve come to realise this is one of the biggest breakdowns in the alignment equation. If your business is built around serving a tribe (customers) that you actually donʼt want, because they complain, donʼt take responsibility, or are out of integrity, or the people on your team are not congruent with the principles of the over all vision – you will suffer. Truth is, when the people factor is out of alignment with whatʼs true for your vision and vocation – you will definitely suffer.

And before we move on, letʼs clear something up.

Being in alignment doesnʼt mean that you wonʼt experience conflict, challenges, or obstacles. It simply means that you will FEEL more qualified, ready, and prepared to handle them when they arise. Does that make sense?

SO, hereʼs what you can do to make the necessary changes to your life and vocation.

Start by asking yourself if you have alignment in these three areas. If the answer is yes, you are moving in the right direction. If the answer is no, understand that you may suffer a little until a change is made (and the only way to stop the suffering is to create alignment).

So do whatever it takes to let go, correct and transform. Then find the people, circumstances and pathways where and who you can be congruent with. Look for mentors and teachers who can show you the way.

I have come to see (over and over again) that when you experience whatʼs possible by being in the presence of someone who is a few steps ahead… you gain the strength and focus to change FASTER!

Itʼs not so much about the knowledge (though that is useful), itʼs more about trusting in yourself and trusting that true alignment/synergy is indeed possible, because you have actually experienced it first-hand.

  • Donʼt sit in your suffering.
  • If something needs to change, do it now.
  • You will never be fully prepared.
  • Circumstances will never be perfect.
  • Youʼre OK… Itʼs time… Start now.

If you are keen to find clarity around your purpose.

Contact me, Elizabeth Ellames – elizabeth.ellames@ozemail.com.au

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