The Living Goddess Code

Volume Three

This book amplifies your connection to your Soul…

Being a Living Goddess is a unique and beautiful experience. It involves a deep understanding of your divine nature and being a source of inspiration, love, and light for those around you.

The Living Goddess Code is full of practical information and tools that inspire and enable you to honour your Souls Higher Purpose as a Living Goddess.

The Living Goddess Code is a step-by-step guide that shares how your present life, past lives, future lives, spiritual ancestors, and even parallel realities are connected and powered by your Archetypal and Angelic Forces and The Divine Living Presence. 

The Living Goddess Code is a cyclic process connected to the Living Attributes daily, weekly, and monthly meditations and practices. It takes you on a journey of discovery that activates and maintains your power as a Living Goddess.

Volume Three is a doorway into the inter-dimensional world of your continuous sacred rebirth as a Living Goddess.