The Temple Green Gatherings

What are these gatherings, and why are they important?

The Temple Green Gathering is the opportunity for women to gather as a community in the beautiful Adelaide Botanic Gardens for group meditation.

These gatherings and meditations are to strengthen women’s faith in themselves, their community, and give them a renewed hope that our world is still our world, and is protected by the power of nature and the Living Goddess that we hold in our hearts.

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The Temple Green Gatherings are being held out in the open, in a beautiful environment, for the purpose of connecting to the powerful forces of nature. If you feel deep in your heart that this is something you would like to experience.

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Time: 8.30am – 10.00am 

Open to 12 women each month

Being with your community and in nature is the best medicine for human life. Together, we naturally co-regulate our collective nervous system, which in turn supports the healing of trauma and makes us healthier and happier. Connection, Conversation and Communion are Gold. – Elizabeth Ellames

Come and Unite Your Light and Shine Brighter

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