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I am a Higher Purpose Specialist for women who want to know and live their true purpose in life. I’ve created a comprehensive system called the Living Attributes Typology, which is a tool that identifies your personal archetypes. Designed to be used on a daily basis; it’s your personal process, compass, and map for exploring and expressing your innate gifts and talents. Knowing your personal archetypes helps you to stay activated, motivated and aligned with your higher purpose.

There has never been a more important and powerful time to connect to your soul’s calling…


What women are saying

Sally Jamieson

Elizabeth’s business has been the key to my personal transformation. The Living Attributes system offers the most amazing tools for understanding yourself. I have so much gratitude for Elizabeth and her work.

Gabby Button

Elizabeth Ellames holds an extraordinary vision for women of today and our future world. She has taken this vision and passion and turned it into her vocation. Everything that she does is aimed at assisting and supporting women to own, love and develop who they are and to identify and ignite their purpose and proudly deliver it to the world… just as she does. She is an inspiration and I highly recommend her services.


Activation | Motivation | Transformation

Cherie Rowett

Thanks for demonstrating how to live on purpose Elizabeth, you walk your talk! I love using the Living Attributes system because it helps me daily to understand and connect with my purpose wherever I am.

Souzi D.Wilson

Living Attributes is a multi-layered, extremely comprehensive system that provides me with the necessary tools for ongoing transformation. With Elizabeth’s expert guidance I have been able to explore my personal story and define my ‘brand’, it is an incredibly empowering process.

My Blog

Live in the Light | July

Dear One, I AM Michael   The matter of who and when be not concerned, I will be in all that you do.  Whoever you are assigned to I will be…

Poem of Light for July

Forgiveness Dear Forgiveness, You have healed me, and now Forgiveness is my life’s journey – it is simply my Souls quest to create heaven on earth. And every heartfelt desire bathed…


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Higher Purpose Coaching

Eliminate distractions by learning a process that helps you stay focused and get real results – Higher Purpose | Coaching will help you to serve the world in ways that no one else can. Your gifts and abilities are afforded to you through your unique nature and come in the form of your Archetypical Patterning.

This life changing coaching process takes you on a deep exploration of your ‘archetype patterning’, where you access your creative potential and learn how your personal story informs your life purpose.

Seminars and Workshops

In a high tech world we have education and inspiration at our fingertips. However, it doesn’t afford us the valuable experience of being experienced, which is where authentic transformation takes place. – And that is why I am still a strong advocate for live workshops and seminars; heart to heart, spirit to spirit and human to human.


Think Purpose, Feel Alive

I really love supporting women who are in a personal and spiritual transition – Providing them with tools and services that maintain their inner and outer transformation. – Elizabeth Ellames