Identifying Your Story And Your Purpose Is Vital In Todays World

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Take a journey of transformation with Elizabeth Ellames as she guides you through your soul’s Archetypal Codes. This book is full of practical information and tools that inspire you and enable you to honor your soul’s purpose. The strong voice and powerful images will ignite your wisdom, your power, and your creativity.

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Essential reading for women everywhere! Elizabeth Ellames’ book connects you to your four archetypes and living your true purpose ~ Beautiful book, I couldn’t put it down!


A great book to read at this time ~ when women want and need to know our purpose and to know and trust ourselves and what we are here to contribute. I loved reading the mix of the author’s own story and the insights and information that she shares to benefit other women. Elizabeth has created an insightful system of self-understanding, with tools that can help women to identify and understand their suite of archetypes that can strengthen their life story and purpose. Rich content written clearly, and interspersed with beautiful and original imagery, I found this book compelling to read and hard to put down. ~ I look forward to more books from this author.  

KNOW your STORY, KNOW your PURPOSE because your STORY is your PURPOSE

Perhaps you want to know what I do and if my book can help?

Okay, you know when your work or your life doesn’t seem to cut it anymore, and you have a kind of emotional feeling in your stomach or heart that’s calling you to do something different.

That’s where my books come in, they help you to identify what that something different is and why it’s surfaced. – In my books I share how to bring your inner archetypes to life.

Together, we identify your story, activate your archetypal codes, and align you with your Soul’s Higher Purpose.


What women are saying...


Change brings more Change

I’m in a state of change and not sure why or how it happened.  So many times I thought my life was my blank canvas and I was the artist who painted my own life. But now this seems to be an untruth of huge magnitude, a realisation that reveals a river of…

Poem Of Light For December

Divinity Dear Divinity, I thank you for my small spiritual vessel that holds my Point of Light in my Higher Heart. Divinity, you are my vessel of protection and connection to the Divine Presence – you show me how to surrender my ego, my struggles and my suffering to the Light.

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