Elizabeth Ellames

Serving Women

Who want to identify or amplify their Story, Purpose and Brand. 

Who are in a personal or career transition and seeking transformation. 

Who are looking for a definitive guide to owning their story and understanding their archetypes.

Who are ready to demonstrate their unique brand of leadership.

Do any of these areas resonate with you?



Activating your value and leadership style in a rapidly changing world.


Great books to read at this time ~ when women want and need to know our purpose and trust ourselves and what we are here to contribute. I loved reading the mix of the author’s story and the insights and information she shares to benefit other women.

Elizabeth has created an insightful system of self-understanding, with tools that can help women to identify and understand their suite of archetypes that can strengthen their life story and purpose. Rich content written clearly, and interspersed with beautiful and original imagery; I found these books compelling to read and hard to put down. ~ I look forward to more books from this author.  


Essential reading for women everywhere! Elizabeth Ellames’ book connects you to your archetypes and living your true purpose ~ Beautiful book; I couldn’t put it down!


Light Leadership is filled with so many valuable and practical exercises to help you discover your Brand Avatars like the Artist, Entrepreneur, Performer, Mentor (and more) and your Flawed Characters like The People Pleaser, Drama Queen, Critic, Secret Agent (and more)

Elizabeth offers you the tools to work with, so you can embrace all that you are and live an authentic and fully engaged life – instead of falling into habitual behaviour and not getting on with what you are here to do. 

This book is not a superficial fad that panders to your ego; it’s the exact opposite! Your ego can now take a back seat, letting your true essence shine.

I recommend you buy both books and read them in sequence. The first book is the foundation for the work to come – you don’t want to build your house with no foundation. So excited!


Know yourself, Trust Yourself and Live Your Larger Story

This is your opportunity to learn from an expert in women’s empowerment and archetype activation. Elizabeth Ellames offers women a rich tapestry of wisdom and authenticity as an author and personal development entrepreneur.

Skillfully combining her in-depth knowledge from her career and experience designing and facilitating seminars and retreats for women ~ throughout Australia, Hong Kong, and Bali.


My books and services are for women seeking a definitive guide to owning their story, understanding their archetypes’ power, and identifying and maintaining their social and spiritual leadership style.


Would you like to experience the timeless wisdom and power of your Living Goddess? This is an invitation to join Elizabeth, the Archetype Activator, on a journey of Releasing, Reclaiming, and Restoring your unique Sacred Feminine Life force.

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