Light Leadership

Volume Two

Activating your value and leadership style in a rapidly changing world

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Discover your potential and path in life with Elizabeth Ellames as she guides you through the process of activating your Personal Brand Avatars.

LIGHT Leadership helps you identify your four Higher Purpose Avatars and gives you an in-depth understanding of how your vocation, shadow, and story are all profoundly connected. In this volume of the Living Attributes typology, Elizabeth helps you identify several fundamental worldly archetypes and their role in your life. 

LIGHT Leadership allows you to learn from a mentor in social and spiritual freedom. – Become aware of your specific vocational archetypes and how they can support your brand. Elizabeth shares parts of her own story in the book and guides you step by step from transition to transformation and onto your style of LIGHT Leadership. 

LIGHT Leadership has a strong message and creative ideas that ignite the true power of your brand and how you can express your gifts and talents in today’s rapidly changing world.

Elizabeth’s branding style provides a refreshing social and spiritual approach, inviting you and your community, your audience, to develop a quality relationship built on connection, integrity, and respect. Each chapter offers a wealth of wisdom from Elizabeth’s career as a personal development entrepreneur and co-founder of a social impact collective.


Light Leadership is filled with so many valuable and practical exercises to help you discover your Brand Avatars like the Artist, Entrepreneur, Performer, Mentor (and more) and your Flawed Characters like The People Pleaser, Drama Queen, Critic, Secret Agent (and more)

Elizabeth offers you the tools to work with, so you can embrace all that you are and live an authentic and fully engaged life – instead of falling into habitual behaviour and not getting on with what you are here to do. 

This book is not a superficial fad that panders to your ego; it’s the exact opposite! Your ego can now take a back seat, letting your true essence shine.

I recommend you buy both books and read them in sequence. The first book is the foundation for the work to come – you don’t want to build your house with no foundation. So excited! 


Reminding yourself of your skills, qualifications, and values is a great way to build confidence. – I just finished reading Elizabeth Ellames’ new book. It’s a really practical guide, full of helpful advice and exercises to get clarity on your brand value and purpose, whether it be for yourself, your business or a community service offering.