I Choose Peace


There are many ways to live with PEACE – you can be peace in the world at large. Peace can be a gentle guide through the many ways you can live with purpose and become a shining light for others to follow. Peace is not only an ideal, but rather a way of being that can emanate out in to the world adding to the possibility of world peace.

The more we can live with peace in our thoughts, our feelings and actions, the more peace we are creating.

Interesting that promoting PEACE requires the courage to be something different from how we’ve been before, it might require courage coupled with compassion to make deep changes in our lives. For some, this might even involve moving to a new place, taking a new job or moving on from relationships that are not helping us to grow.

Some believe that the need for PEACE is a childish perspective, but acts of kindness and compassion are genetically wired in us. A mother cares for her young because it is ‘in her’. You will always benefit from showing peace and kindness, but that needn’t be the reason for showing it. Kindness, philanthropy, looking out for the best for all of us, is actually our natural state.

Aligning with the pattern of PEACE can be one of the most empowering things we ever do. Even if we don’t have large resources to contribute to creating peace, all of us can do inner and outer peace work. With each altruistic act we do, in our interconnected world, we make a tremendous difference, not only as a direct consequence of our actions, but because of the inevitable ripple effect created, which strengthens the pattern of positive change in the world.

PEACE and KINDNESS is LOVE in motion.

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