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Hi Real Dealers,

I had a little visit to Rundle Mall Adelaide the other day for a bit of retail action after a week of creative contemplation toward shaping my destiny.

Very interesting, while walking around looking at all the new apparel thats on offer ,which can grace my approaching identity… I felt some what confused – it took awhile for me to work out what was happening, it was in fact an acute sensory over load. The department store I was visiting has had a major make over – which means each clothing label has its own theme; branding. It also meant they had different music playing to compliment each label, Geez I felt like I was in car of 16 year olds who need to change the radio station every five minutes.

Music has always been a huge influencer that clearly defines our tribe… My experience that day  was a wonderful unexpected experiment exposed. Even as a well rehearsed and competent image consultant I wasn’t even able to identify with any of the present and available clothing hanging on the racks. It was only when I couldn’t hear any cross cultural theme music that I could remember “what clothing I actually liked” and then Shazam there it all was…. I couldn’t see clearly because I couldn’t hear clearing…

So next time you are checking out any new gear to wear and dare, perhaps first check in with your own Real Deal barometer.

Sensory overload can indeed create a very confused identity.

The only way to overcome this interesting little dilemma is by having a clearly defined context around “who you actually are…”that way at least you have a good base you can return to when you find yourself in the land of sensory overload.

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