Poem of Light for January

Strength Dear Strength, am I aware, am I unknown or simply afraid? My inner world beckons. Strength, you show me it is not always whether the right questions are being asked, but rather have they truly been heard from my heart. In my vulnerability and my inquiry, Strength, you appear and show me that the way to the Creator’sContinue reading “Poem of Light for January”

Live In The Light | January

Dear One, Hold strong and be expansive with your venture. Bring the treasure of life to all who know the Creator. In your game of love and light, the pure unfolding of the Creator’s presence will be with all. There is no battle to be won, for when one knows the nature of the Creator they areContinue reading “Live In The Light | January”

To the Queen Goddesses…

Happy New Year  To you, My Beloved Queen Goddess – I give you the sacred seed of life, so you may take the responsibility of planting it. For every seed you plant one thousand more will multiply in your hand. You will not have time to see them grow, for everything you plant creates more thatContinue reading “To the Queen Goddesses…”

Sublime Style 

Fashion is nothing to do with sex, fame or status and everything to do with your Attitude and Creativity – The way one presents their image; their style is only ever related to the person wearing it. Indeed, we are what we wear – as we are what we share. Elizabeth Ellames – The LIGHT Styler

Dear WOMEN don’t be seduced…

A woman gets more beautiful and more powerful as she grows older… not less. Her heart has become bold, not old and her mind enlightened not frightened. Female youth is admired in our modern culture because it’s not spiritually threatening. Deep spiritual wisdom is confronting to those who are fearful of the nature of theContinue reading “Dear WOMEN don’t be seduced…”


KNOW YOURSELF TRUST YOURSELF DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE AND LIVE A LARGER STORY I was born with a strong impulse to share… I share simply because I love sharing, not because I think I have some profound wisdom, but rather because I am a human being that story wants to move through. I have a lotContinue reading “If you KNOW YOURSELF, you will TRUST YOURSELF”