Give me the HOW!

I know there is a strong trend today to only focus on the WHY, and yes, I get it; without the why, what’s the point. – But my experience has been that most people are strong in at least one or even two of what I term “W” questions. 

If you can ignite and actualise one or two of these ‘W’ questions, it quickly brings about some action, which is the prime mover; the HOW! 

Once you know how you will do something, it’s not long before it becomes a reality. The following diagram depicts when your What, Why, Where, and Who has equal priority. Your HOW suddenly becomes visible for action.

This process is a valuable tool to use individually, and when you are on a team, you soon see where people’s strengths and limitations are, and everyone starts to shine their Light when the how begins to rise.  

The process of answering the “W” questions – What, Why, Where, and Who – is a valuable tool for anyone looking to turn their idea or creative impulse into a reality.

Each question provides a different perspective and can help identify the most critical components necessary for success. – These questions usually include a “because” statement, which provides a deeper understanding of the idea’s purpose and motivation.

  • The What question asks what the idea or creative impulse is. It’s an essential starting point because it establishes the foundation for everything that follows.
  • The Why question delves deeper into the heartfelt desire behind the idea and examines the underlying need that it addresses. This question helps identify the idea’s value and provides insight into its potential impact.
  • The Where question looks at an idea and where its location, industry, or placement might be. It helps you identify the idea’s target audience and where it will likely be most successful.
  • The Who question relates to community and helps to identify the people who can make the idea a reality. This question is critical because it recognizes that success is not achieved in isolation, and having the right people around you is essential.

Once the questions of the What, Why, Where, and Who have been answered, the focus shifts to the How. The How is where the rubber meets the road, and the idea begins to take shape. By understanding the What, Why, Where, and Who, the How becomes more visible, and action can be taken to make the idea a reality.

It’s important to note that each person may have different strengths when answering the “W” questions. Some may be strong in the What and Why, while others may excel at the Where and Who. Understanding these differences can help to build effective teams where each member can contribute their unique strengths.

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