Developing A Story Based Brand

Archetype and Avatar Branding goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding. Why Is It Important? – The refreshing approach to Archetype and Avatar Branding invites you and your audience or community to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment. You and your audience connect through the values of your archetypes andContinue reading “Developing A Story Based Brand”

Your Story Creates Your Value

image from the movie – The DRESSMAKER “Did you know the most successful presentations are about 65% stories and 25% figures, with the remainder an explanation of your credibility?” Even though a presentation needs many elements to create magic, it’s hard to deny the power a great story can add to a presentation. A well-crafted story can takeContinue reading “Your Story Creates Your Value”

Personal and Progressional

  There’s lots of information out there today about what, why and how important it is to have a vibrant personal and professional brand? But what does that really mean? Well, Lets start here… I’ve changed the title of what I do from ‘personal and professional branding’ to ‘personal and progressional branding’. Because, I believeContinue reading “Personal and Progressional”

Be The Magic People Want

Frequently Remind Yourself Of What Works !! Even when our ideas and branding is successful, we don’t always take the time to understand what’s working so that we can repeat that success. We happily embrace the possibility of new clients every day, often without knowing how and why they magically showed up. Here are someContinue reading “Be The Magic People Want”

Choose Your Influences

Hi Real Dealers, I had a little visit to Rundle Mall Adelaide the other day for a bit of retail action after a week of creative contemplation toward shaping my destiny. Very interesting, while walking around looking at all the new apparel thats on offer ,which can grace my approaching identity… I felt some whatContinue reading “Choose Your Influences”