Developing A Story Based Brand

Archetype and Avatar Branding goes way beyond the usual landscape of conventional branding.


Why Is It Important? – The refreshing approach to Archetype and Avatar Branding invites you and your audience or community to develop a quality relationship built on integrity and empowerment. You and your audience connect through the values of your archetypes and avatars, (your brand) because you both instinctively resonate to a similar set of values and story.

Of course, what fulfills one person will not inspire another.


How do you find out what your brand is and what your audience is truly looking for… and how does that work in your life?

Working with the Living Attributes Typology is a practical tool that uncovers those needs. The process of identifying your combination of Story Archetypes (inner motivation) and Brand Avatars (outer motivation) collectively ignites and inspires your natural potential and the purpose of your brand.


This also reveals where your creative impulse and intention come from that drives your leadership style. Understanding the attributes of your different Story Archetypes and the qualities of your Brand Avatars adds value to your life and your brand, which in turn adds value to the lives of others by fulfilling their needs and desires.

Start Your Day

Elizabeth Ellames – My role as a story-based branding consultant is to take you through a step-by-step process that identifies and aligns you with your valuable story and your purpose in life; Your Brand

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