I am Enlightenment

 Today I move from ignorance to enlightenment and merge with my Radiant Self. I am Enlightenment, I am Enlightenment, I am Enlightenment.

I am Spiritual

  Today I move from material to spiritual and merge with my Radiant Self – I am Spiritual, I am Spiritual, I am Spiritual. Blessings Abound

Integrity means Truth

Hi peeps, March is the month of the Healer Archetype and the Animal Wisdom of the Bee. The Primary Light Attribute for the Healer is Integrity, she invites you to view…

What is Courage?

Elizabeth Ellames sharing her thoughts on COURAGE from her 2014 Take a Chance, Choose Change campaign.

Creativity and Laughter

Sometimes we think being creative requires us to be disciplined and methodical, but studies have shown that being more childlike with our approach to being creative is how we get our best…