Integrity means Truth


Hi peeps,

March is the month of the Healer Archetype and the Animal Wisdom of the Bee. The Primary Light Attribute for the Healer is Integrity, she invites you to view your life through the lens and question of…

“Am I in integrity or out of integrity?” 

This provides a doorway into staying in the truth of who you are, she is a constant reminder that Bee-ing on purpose is all that matters.

And Bee-ing on purpose actually means ADDING VALUE – simple I know, but true. 

The archetypical patterning of the Healer and Bee reminds you to stop getting too busy doing stuff and start Bee-ing productive and on purpose around how you can Add Value to your life and the life of others.

Know Yourself Discover Your Purpose And Live A Larger Story 

Elizabeth Ellames


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