The Butterfly

The Butterfly enters our life as a messenger for change.                                     If she comes … Continue reading The Butterfly

The Dove

The Dove archetype represents the feminine power of giving, prophecy, and the hope of a new beginning. The Dove shows and reveals the veils between the spiritual and physical worlds. The … Continue reading The Dove

Attuning To The Design Of Creation

This month at –  Unite Your Light WOMEN 2015 – August 30th presents Quest Speaker – Souzi D. Wilson THE PERFORMER Singer/SongWriter Social Synergy Focus 8: Attuning To The Design Of … Continue reading Attuning To The Design Of Creation

I AM Loving

The Divine Child archetype is joyful and generous. One who longs for connection with all that is curious and creative. A persistent creature who knows that we belong to each other … Continue reading I AM Loving

The Swan

The swan teaches that there is elegance in all things. As an archetype, the swan begins life as an “ugly ducking” and yet emerges into a slender beauty when full grown. … Continue reading The Swan

I am Enlightenment

 Today I move from ignorance to enlightenment and merge with my Radiant Self. I am Enlightenment, I am Enlightenment, I am Enlightenment.