How you get on purpose and add value?


You have to name the problem or obstacle first before you can begin to create the solution. Mm… So, what do you see in the world that needs correcting. For me it’s that pesky mediocrity, which of coarse comes in many forms. Finding your purpose is all about the way you identify and clarify where you believe you can add value… this is what really counts. After you have taken the time to connect at this level it’s important to get really specific around how you are going to create this positive change in the world.

The challenge I see in the world is “Mediocrity” and the way I want to correct and transform it is by starting at the root cause, which is with the people. You see my quest is to create True Prosperity and Build Culture, while my persistent obstacle mediocrity. My commitment is to tend to both of the first concepts. The simple truth is they both live in the mind and heart of the person housing them. We either have a desire to prosper or a desire to remain the same and it’s my purpose in life to help people find their own prosperity and culture.

That’s what will change the world!! Generosity of spirit, a brightness of the future, feelings of blissfulness and the restoration of a complete life are what fuel purpose. While bad old run of the mill Mediocrity is fuelled by destructive habits, being misunderstood, a sense of unworthiness, simply not knowing and feeling excluded. So, how do you make that shift from one side to the other…? Do you go and get some chocolate or maybe some ice cream? Do you just go buy another car or dress or fragrance? Perhaps you need a trip to a far away exotic destination? Well I can tell you right now, all those things are really yummy and great fun, but sorry folks they wont get you to the other side; your true quest, your life’s purpose. You actually have to do the hard yards, which means the inner work. Yep, the hard-core personal development on yourself… that my Shining Ones is how you get there.

Heres a little Soul talk for you

“Expressing Our Souls Purpose.”
It is the destiny of each human being to awaken to their divine nature and to discover and express their unique calling. We discover our true place by following the wisdom of the heart and going within for guidance and direction. This month we move from the inner work of personal growth and alignment as the Self to our outer expression in the world. We express our talents and seek to join our gifts with those of appropriate partners to release the potential of each member of the groutp. Our barometer of success is the sense of joy and fulfillment in coming home to our selves.


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