Making the SHIFT…

The key to personal development and emotional healing is to first stop and identify your negative thinking in the present moment…

It’s like this… “research suggests that if a negative or shadow attribute has presented its self as a thought or feeling and you’re able to simply recognise it and say it” – this action will instantly reduce the power or charge of that thought and feeling by 50% – This small action will shift the electrical charge away from the old “fight and flight” centre of the brain the “amygdala” to the “neocortex” part of the brain where rational thinking occurs.

So, just imagine if you replace that shadow attribute with a light attribute – Let me share with you WHY the “correct and transform” process in the Living Attributes system is so effective. 


Here’s an example – You are feeling an intense amount of “blame” running in your system, about something or someone and it keeps “looping” in your mind. Looping is a term I use for something that just keeps repeating as a thought or feeling, which is, in this case, connected to the shadow attribute of “blame”.

But what if you could use a “correct and transform” process in the present moment by literally shifting your thoughts and feelings to a new mindset away from blame, to one of forgiveness?

Lets do the math – So, if you can shift your negative thinking 50% by simply identifying how you are feeling, you must be able to shift your mindset even more by offering a positive attribute as an alternative, this replacing process is going to give you at least an 80% improvement if not 100%. I’d say that’s a pretty good outcome for a significantly “small” conscious action.

And the more you are able to practice this “correct and transform” process the stronger the new neural pathways in your brain become. Image having a brain reinforced with electrons that are constantly firing away with thoughts and feelings of living a life with enthusiasm, creativity, integrity, love, hope, confidence, gratitude, kindness and forgiveness.

The real question is – “Are you ready to give up your habitual thinking, feelings, and behavior?” If you are, you will soon become the master of your thoughts and feelings.

And experience the freedom of living your larger story, one of purpose, inner peace, and fulfillment.

Elizabeth Ellames 

Tel: 040 330 9696  


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