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Hi there all,

Yesterday, we had a wonderful summer Temple – the weather was glorious. This year’s new development of breaking the morning up into meditation, then a lesson was a great success. The power of our group meditation infused with the light of the angelic forces opened our hearts to a whole new level of life generating energy. We powered up to a level of resonance, which was highly effective, creating order in our system and giving us the ability to heal on many levels. I know my body has felt incredibly relaxed ever since our time together in meditation. I meditate every day and love it, but meditating as a group is a very different experience.

Our coming together and going to that level, has started to build an amazing group resonance that in turn is creating a coherence in the unified field of consciousness. Of course, it would, if we are part of that field we are most definitely going to have an effect on it. When we look at it from that point of view, we see how being responsible for our energy, is much more import than we like to think. How we think and feel has a direct response in the collective field.

As the Jedi in Star Wars would say (Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Luke) “Be mindful of the Living Force”.

Which brings me to the second half of our morning that focused on the Hero archetype. One of our wonderful temple sisters Sally, who has the Hero archetype and has been working with it for a couple of years now, gave a short lesson on what being a hero means to her. She told her story beautifully and inspired us to remember that we all have a heroic nature, which we can call on at any time. Thank you again, Sally, for sharing with us, it was great.

Well, that’s it for now, look forward to seeing you at temple next month – Sunday, March 25th for a great meditation and lesson, this time it will be on the Healer archetype.

Till then “May the force be with you”

Love Elizabeth x

What have the benefits of doing group meditation been for you?

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  1. Lizzy such a great summation of the day. It was so beautiful to be a part of and I too have felt wonderful as a result. The group meditation has made me feel so grounded and connected, but in a light, easy way (with Grace and Ease as Arnaum would say!).
    lots of love to you, my sisters.

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