Creating The Holy Family

When a man and woman join together for the purpose of creation, the fifth element must be present; LOVE.

This is how the miracle of life is activated. When this union is alive with LOVE the newly born vessel will intrinsically know its name, its root.

The Childs innate qualities will be organically activated throughout their entire life.

It was the Light of the Christ that began the child’s journey at its point of conception and it is that same Light that will carry them through all other stages of their life.

This incredible act of the two families coming together brings forth an abundance of the life force, and this life force combined, creates another family. The blood of many generations now passed, spill forth life to the blood of the newborn child and a new human creature is born.

Our blood, a velvet beauty imbued with the golden light of Shekinah comes to life and a new family begins. This new life also gives birth to a new mother and a new father. We are no longer only a man and a woman, but now we are mother, father, aunty, uncle, grandmother, and grandfather.

I believe the cornerstones of the family are Respect, Love, Joy, and Ritual.

  • RESPECT is the foundation for a good relationship.
  • LOVE is the sweet elixir that keeps the family alive.
  • JOY is the attribute that elevates and brings about harmony.
  • RITUAL is the perfect and effective way for humans to acknowledge the divine presence in all things.

Creating ritual or ceremony brings a family together in a way that is different from our everyday routine. It is the opportunity to celebrate the family’s sacred union, a union that was not possible without the presence of divine creation. To have CEREMONY and CELEBRATION without the acknowledgment of the sacred creates an imbalance and disharmony. Often when a ritualistic gathering is void of divinity the participants feel dis-abled or unsatisfied by the event. They leave feeling like something was missing.
Our authentic human nature is deeply rooted in our connection to Creation Mythology. To celebrate anything in our life without first celebrating the gift of creation is going to feel empty.

As we move closer to the end of this spectacular and amazing 12-month cycle – I invite you to contemplate these few words.

We are truly all the Creators Divine Creation, so with Respect, Love and Joy in our hearts lets also remember, that together we are our Creators Beloved Family.

Elizabeth Ellames

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