The Power of Story

This month at Temple we celebrated the Festival of Story Telling and the Teacher archetype and the attribute expressive.

In my opening presentation at Temple yesterday, with much jubilation, I announced it was our 1st Birthday. So much has been shared, experienced and discovered in that 12 month period. Plus it was our first Festival of Story Telling, which proved to be fantastic. I spoke on my favorite topic; STORY……….. Here is my story about story.

I believe our human story began with the evolution of human consciousness, which then started to build the earths noosphere (the thinking layer of earth). When men and women began to share their stories; their art, on the walls of their caves we began to grow our ability to relate to each other.  Some how we knew it was important to tell of our experiences, how we hunt, how we travel, how we live and how we dream. It became a quintessential part of our human experience, the ability to tell story is indeed our rudimentary foundation. Simply put, with out story we don’t know what we believe in, but with story we can define our heritage, find meaning in what matters to us and learn what is good and bad. Story can be fact or fiction and still have the same effect, if we can relate to the characters or images in a story we can be moved by its message. Story doesn’t always have to deliver a profound message, it can simply be delightful, humourous or even practical.

I always see story in three parts, it has a past, a present and a future.

The amazing discovery about story for me was, we are the story, there is no story without us. Because without us, coupled with the brilliance of imagination there is no story to tell. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch and think about has a story attached to it. It may not be an amazing story, but never the less it still has its own story.

All story has its contributing value, it may be good, it may be bad or it may be neutral, what ever it is, its still contributing to the collective consciousness.

What is your story?

What is your back story, what is your present story and does your future story have a brightness of future? Perhaps you have taken on a story that doesn’t match the one you want to share with the world. There is only one time to start a new and inviting story and it is NOW! Start creating the story that you want to contribute to humanity. Be the story you want to hear, be the story that new and exciting generations are built from……

Express yourself!

I would also like to thank Cherie for her generous contribution. Cherie shared her experience of having a Teacher archetype. She exquisitely expressed her personal story and how not knowing parts of our authentic story can fundamentally change who we are. The reveal of her beautiful and heartfelt story was a true gift, she contributed the power of story through her own story. Magnificent Cherie, thank you.

Love Elizabeth

I invite you to share your thoughts and feelings on the power of story?

3 Thoughts

  1. A story can transport you into worlds, never before thought of; it can touch places in your heart that have been buried or covered with layers that prevent us from being authentically available in all areas of our life. Stories are magical, mesmerising and can change a life……. Stories are words carried on the wind of generations to be handed down, heart to heart, soul to soul to give us courage, strength, wisdom and faith to continue to live our lives. Blessings Elizabeth. Infinite Love and Gratitude

  2. I too love the power of stories and what you have said about there being no story without us in it. So often we are prone to judge without bothering to find out people’s stories. Things are often so different when you bother to ask a person for their story. I have been a story teller for as long as I can remeber, used to keep my paternal Grandma Ruby very amused by my stories. Loved writing essays at School, always loved to read as many stories as I could get my hands on. The thing I love the most and the biggest lesson I have learned is that if your story is not panning out how you would like it to or how you thought it would you can change your life and re-write your story. Thank you Elizabeth I feel my story changing every week since becoming part of UTL XX

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