Loving Our Differences

We are not meant to only respect each other’s differences, we are meant to love them – that is the Creators intention.                                                                          

Pathways of Light are a valuable component of the Living Attributes system. There are three combinations and streams of energy defined as your pathways of light. Each pathway (contemplation, devotion, activation) has an important function that instructs you at a soul level of how to use your light. These light streams are what activate and illuminate the Cornerstones of your Sacred Temple.

What this means is that each Cornerstone has a particular relationship with the light. For example, the archetypical patterns in Contemplation are the collectors and weavers of light, while the patterns in Devotion are the receivers and givers of light and the archetypical patterns in Activation are the transformers and activators of the light.

Each one has a valuable and unifying function in the larger divine matrix. Understanding and following the divine order of our personal patterning creates a rhythmic and cosmic beauty and a creative platform for the birth of unity consciousness. In each realm, there is another person’s archetype patterning (cornerstone) that can support yours.

For example if you have the archetype of ‘the visionary’ in the Emotional Realm you could work with ‘the teacher‘ who is also in the Emotional Realm to help format your ideas, they could receive what you have collected and help you by giving back to the whole; the community, the world, which ultimately creates the reality of unity consciousness.

 Contemplation – FROM THE CREATOR collectors and weavers of the Light

  • This is where you receive WHAT it is that you need to do in your life. This cornerstone or these cornerstones are connected to the light stream for true inspiration. A place you visit within, which opens you to your Divine guidance.

 Devotion – FOR THE CREATOR receivers and givers of the Light

  • This is where you receive WHY you do it. These cornerstones are the portals to the power of being fully present. This light stream is where you match your intention with Gods intention.

Activation – WITH THE CREATOR transformers and activators of the Light

  • This is where you receive HOW you do it. These cornerstones are the portals for the light streams of motivation and initiation. This is where you find your pathway of – “For the greater good of all.”

As you can see, we all connect with the Creator in different ways. Some through pure intention, others connect in the doing and being with others or nature, while others prefer to emerge in the arts or meditation. It’s fascinating and somehow comforting to know.

The precious gift I see in all our diversity is that we are the way we are for reasons we can’t even fathom. If we could see the true beauty in the order of all our complexities, we would indeed witness the true nature and glory of THE CREATOR.

I invite you to share some of your valuable differences and insights.

Love Elizabeth Ellames

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