Crossing Your Personal Threshold

As we witness and move through these challenging times, we can get stuck in what I call a Physical and Emotional Reality Loop, this is often due to the information we are taking in from the people around us or main steam media, which creates a membrane of collective fear.

And yes, of coarse we must be informed of what is right for us, but in times of stress and uncertainty, we often forget we also have our own inner resources of the truth, which can help us find our way through difficult thresholds. These resources are connected to knowing and living our life on all four levels, rather than only two.

You can live in a Physical, Emotional, Social and Spiritual and Higher Purpose Reality, all at the one time.

Living your life on all levels of reality invites you into a world that offers many alternatives and connects you to higher levels of awarness and abilities, known as Light Leadership. ~ The number one distinction about being a Light Leader is your ideas and actions are directed and activated by your commitment to lead.

A Light Leader has an understanding that true synergy comes from crossing through their personal thresholds in the lower realms, which only operate in the physical and emotional realms of reality.

A Light Leader allows for a shift up into the higher realms of Social and Spiritual consciousness to the realm of their Higher Purpose. 

This is a leadership founded in love, integrity, gratitude, hope and truth. This occurs from combining your gifts and the gifts of others in such a way, it creates an opportunity for something new and more powerful to emerge. We all know a high-performing sports team is a perfect demonstration of synergy. In sport, synergy translates as teamwork; People love watching great athletes facilitate this process. And I’m sure you’ve heard many times over, in sport, business and family, “One person’s skill may win, but its teamwork that creates real results and longevity.” 

My experience with the Unite Your Light Women in 2012 – 2015, to create social and spiritual synergy evolved into a New Style of Leadership, which I now call LIGHT Leadership. Together we contributed to the Unified Field of Intent, which was connecting to whatever we were co-creating ~ and so can you and your team.

In physics the term field is defined as “an area or region which a force exerts an influence at every point. A unified field is created when a force is exerted that brings people into a state of synergy to achieve a collective and specific outcome.  

The 3 reasons people don’t effectively connect to the Unified Field of Intent

  • Negative Thoughts and Feelings 
  • Low Levels of Personal Energy 
  • Too Much Self-importance

These dot points are also a clear indicator of being stuck in a physical and emotional realm loop. 

What makes a Light Leader – and how you become one?

A Light Leader is clear, realistic and has a vision or a passion for a brighter future that serves all of humanity. You respect your people or team and believe they are there to do their best. You connect people with passion and clarity to your idea up front and why you invited them in on it, and frame it with your heartfelt articulated values. This acts as a container in complex situations and creates a sound context from which valuable content can grow from other team members. 

You Demonstrate: 

  • Complexity in your thinking and don’t push for closure or simplify complex issues and can deal with many aspects of a process and action.
  • Your ability to build trust, which allows for adaptive behaviour, the sparking of ideas and creates more personal connectivity and sincerity.
  • Direction, not control, by understanding what needs to be held firm around the collective vision, purpose and values. This lets a team innovate and make decisions on many levels within a clear context and framework.
  • An awareness of your own flaws and strengths and recognise significant points of originality within the team and other societal indicators of change.

As we continue on this path of social and spiritual evolutional I encourage you to live your life on all four levels and give your attention and intention to your authentic resourses of TRUTH available to you, and within you.

Heart to Heart, Shining Ones

Elizabeth Ellames

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