Generousity Of Spirit

Have you ever felt like your generousity was taken advantage of?

Hey, dont let it get to you ~ because if you are coming from a place of Generousity of Spirit you actually cant be taken advantage of!

Here’s what I know for sure.

Blessed be the Soul with Generousity of Spirit

Be not greedy in the presence of Generousity, for it can not feed an empty heart.

Be not possessive in the presence of generousity, for it can not be held or owned.

Be not jealous in the presence of generousity, for it can not be stolen or wronged.

Be only grateful in the presence of generousity and you will be blessed by its glory.

For true generousity is a gift from Spirit, which can only be experienced when recieved through a purity, which is present in the heart.

When this occurs the Light of Generousity brings with it an abundance of JOY ~ And the meeting of many hearts made happy through the Spirit of Generousity, is indeed a miraculous moment.

Only together, we can celebrate the Glory of Generousity!

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound, Shining Ones


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