Embracing the Newness

Well, here we are at the end of another year and ready to step into a new year!

2021 was the year I released my first book, volume one in the Living Attributes Typology, and next year I will release volume two and three, which I am looking forward to. I enjoy writing because I gain great clarity about whats happening in my own life and the world around me. The distilling of my thoughts, feelings and knowledge brings forth my books, but it also creates a new version of myself, which in many ways is comforting to my Soul, especially during these current times of uncertainty. In my researching phase of writing, I look back over many years of journaling, and it’s all there, a lexicon of whats to come is present in every journal.

So, why does it come as a shock when these confronting times arise?

Perhaps the forecasting and messages from Angelic Forces or my Higher Self weren’t for that particular time. Perhaps they were simply broadcasting information to me in that time, informing me to create tools that would bed down specific light streams and pathways to support those who might need them in the future, like right now. I am sure you’ve had similar experiences in the past, where you venture back and read some of your journaling and ask yourself ~ “Did I really write that, I don’t even remember writing it” ~ But its always so incredibly relevant and accurate to this present time, isn’t it?

And thats because the YOU, back then didn’t write it ~ I suggest it was your Future Self who was writing it! Which brings me to why it’s so important to meditate regularly and always have a pen and journal close at hand, ready to write down information from the many versions of YOU.

Also, be sure to date the page when you are writing, reason being, it gives the information coming in even more significance and context.

I encourage you to maintain this type of practice because when you’re able to find your centre, listen to the silence and connect to your spiritual source, you also open up to the many inter-dimensional versions of yourself.

As a Spiritually Conscious Human Being, these versions of YOU are in communication all the time, they come in from the past, the present and the future and sometimes you receive information from parallel or alternate realities. The key here is to make sure your spiritual practice is sound, regular and your purity of attention and clarity of intention are secure on your present timeline.

For many, this time of the year requires some reflection and celebration…

So, what have been your discoveries for the year of 2021, are they many, or perhaps you only have a few significant ones?

Enjoy writing then down and identifing why they are so significant, and then celebrate your life, its beauty, its exquisite depth and its expansive breadth.

Heart to Heart, Shining Ones and Blessings Abound in 2022

Elizabeth XX


Essential reading for women everywhere! Elizabeth Ellames’ book connects you to your four archetypes and living your true purpose ~ Beautiful book, I couldn’t put it down!


A great book to read at this time ~ when women want and need to know our purpose and to know and trust ourselves and what we are here to contribute. I loved reading the mix of the author’s own story and the insights and information that she shares to benefit other women. Elizabeth has created an insightful system of self-understanding, with tools that can help women to identify and understand their suite of archetypes that can strengthen their life story and purpose. Rich content written clearly, and interspersed with beautiful and original imagery, I found this book compelling to read and hard to put down. ~ I look forward to more books from this author.  

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