Its Time to HEAL the PAST

There has never been a more important and powerful time to HEAL the pain from your past and connect to your soul’s calling. 

Your intuition is letting you know that its time for your old ways of being to be healed and for your true self to emerge.

Does this resonate with you?

If so, it simply means that on some level you know you’re being called to clean up, wake up and show up and become a real Change Agent, a Connector, a Humanitarian or perhaps even a Mentor. But first you have to move through a few internal blocks – I’m talking about that ‘stuff’ that just keeps getting in the way. The problem isn’t about knowing that it’s your time to contribute and truly shine – But rather, its more about feeling strong enough emotionally, having real clarity in your thinking, and feeling confident in your life. 

But how do I do that, I hear you say?  – You do it by accepting and HEALING your past. 

Now is NOT the time to be waiting or pretending that your past wounds don’t bother you, in fact right now is exactly the right time to fully WAKE UP and FEEL your Soul’s Calling. Healing your heart and your spirit is the key to helping you to live your life with more peace and balance, which ultimately creates the space within you and around you to connect to yourself and your true purpose.

We are living through extraordinary times and I see and feel how many people are quietly struggling on so many levels. – And that’s why I decided to offer these “NEW AWAKENING” sessions for women at a reduced cost.

These sessions are to help you –

  • identify where you are at present,
  • clarify what needs healing from your past,
  • specify what you need to do to move forward on your healing path
  • and how to maintain the healing of your heart and your spirit

Cost of your ONE hour ONLINE session = $70.00

Or $80.00 for a ONE hour in person session at The Lightstyling Studio in North Adelaide, South Australia

To book your session please contact me by email –

Elizabeth’s mentoring has been the key to my personal transformation. The Living Attributes system offers the most amazing tools for understanding yourself. I have so much gratitude for Elizabeth and her work.

Sally Jamieson – Sally Jamieson Present and Connected

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