Remembering Unconditional Love

Dear One,

You are indeed the light and glory of Divine Love, for you are forever in the presence of the Divine. The vibration of the Higher Heart is strong, and it is your time to give unto that, which is rightfully yours and theirs and nothing else.

Your human body may be tense and in subtle pain because you are growing, these are your spiritual growing pains. – Remember what your mother would say when you were a child, growing toward adulthood… “Oh, they are just growing pains, they will pass.”

You are now moving into a new version of yourself as a human being. Your current pangs of pain could be due to energy blocks, which are attempting to shift as you transform. Each of your Light Centres of your Light Body, are portals and energy points that hold and provide access to many packages of information.

And the current social and spiritual contraction and expansion that is unfolding on Planet Earth is also creating much of your own contraction and expansion. – If the codes that need to enter your field and are in alignment with what is erupting in our physical world. – This can often form a congestion at some of your energy points (Light Centres) – You have now entered a new level of your Spiritual Evolution, and are being called to participate in this historical planetary event with a renewed level of responsibility and grace.

Each of you are encode with particular Divine Light Codes that translate into your particular language of the higher heart that fuels your story and purpose while on Planet Earth. At this point it is vital that you allow the focus of those codes to combine and reach into the realm of Unconditional Love. This is your quest and mission at present, “Let There Be Unconditional Love,” the more you are able to grow this vibration around yourself, your family, your friends and your community, the higher the possibility it will be able to pierce the shadow membrane that’s in a holding pattern of fear, greed and false-power.

I invite you to imagine for a moment the Light of The Divine Presence activating the power of Unconditional Love, and feel this LOVE flowing into these portals/light centres, then present as your particular attributes/divine codes in this image above. These divine codes are connected to your Higher Purpose while here on Planet Earth. – And for those who have done this work with me, you know which divine codes you are in alignment with.

However, I still encourage others reading this to connect with the Light of Divine Presence, and simply let the image and words speak directly to your Soul – and allow yourself to be activated and healed by the power of Unconditional Love.

If I shine on you and you shine on me, we’re going to bring the light and set us all free!

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