Divine Codes From Michael

I received these very specific Divine Codes from Archangel Michael in 2006. Over the years I have kept these codes close to my heart and have only shared them in the written form. – It never occurred to me that I could record them for others to hear.

However, today when I received very clear and direct guidance, I learnt otherwise. I asked Michael “What can I do at present that would help with our collective Spiritual Evolution?” Archangel Michael asked me to simply give these codes a voice, and then share them, which I have done for you.

Michaels mode of communication is very different to the way we as humans usually speak. But I encourage you to simply allow these words to work with you – each group of words are like tiny Angels that form codes, which enter at a much deeper level of your being.

We benefit from these Divine Codes because they communicate with our Spirit and Heart, not our mind, these codes are put together in a particular order of phrasing for a reason, they bypass the logic mind and enter into our Divine Intelligence.

Heart to Heart and Blessings Abound

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