The Power of Your Story and Your Archetypes

Did you know that great brands have compelling stories attached to them that also have particular archetypes, which drive the story to connect with their appropriate customers/audience?

And NOT every brand draws their power from the same archetypes.

Plus, successful brands value their customers by acknowledging their basic and spiritual human needs.

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Using an innovative and cognitive approach to personal branding coupled with clear storytelling principles Living Attributes gets to the heart of what really matters in your life and in your business/leadership: your customers/community/audience.

When you understand your customers, community and audience… their behaviors, dreams, and needs.

You can connect your products and services to their hearts and minds, which creates a clear pathway to brand loyalty.


Applying the Living Attributes Archetypes and Avatars Typology, we begin to uncover the archetypal images that you and your customers/audience instinctively associate with around your brand.

Recognizing and linking these appropriate archetypes, together with an interesting brand story creates a powerful marketing message and can attract loyal customers to your business. With these valuable insights into the way the human psyche works, your products and services go beyond conventional beliefs about marketing and advertising. In this engaging process of personal development, you learn how to connect deeply with your customers. Successful brands like Apple, Nike and Ikea enjoy an unusual level of customer loyalty.

womanWhy is that? – More than just selling products and services, these brands fulfill their customer’s social and spiritual needs. Humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and psychiatrist Carl Jung researched, trialed and formed many psychological insights around human basic needs and archetypical patterning, which shaped a new way of looking at the human experience. The Living Attributes Archetype Typology identifies and defines the power of one’s archetypes, which are universal mental (collective consciousness) images and patterns of behavior that all humans share.

This informative and comprehensive system has a social and spiritual philosophy as well as a personal and professional one. It reveals and explains how your personal brand can also be connected to your professional product/service brand/leadership.

Suggesting that your inner world will in fact imprint onto your outer world. Once you have a true understanding of your own particular archetypes and how they can create customer loyalty, you are able to create a community of Brand Believers or Brand Tribers who are happy to support you, simply because you are supporting them at a deeper level by serving their human needs, dreams, and desires.

If you would like to know more on how to create your personal brand from a place of new style leadership, unity, pure intent and unbounded imagination – I can help you walk that path.

Living Attributes Typology is your doorway into living a larger story!

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