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The internet is going wild at present with the concept of Archetype and Avatar Branding, which makes me very excited to share with you the deeper purpose of my business Living Attributes.

I have been writing and presenting on the power of Archetypical Patterning now for over 20 years… 

The Living Attributes Typology is different to other systems because it was born from my own experience.  I began witnessing people’s archetypical patterning long before I had even heard of the term. I first began to recognize a person’s archetypes while I was working with them as an image consultant and personal development facilitator and have continued to work with people at this level ever since. The exciting news is the Living Attributes system has grown and developed enormously over the years into a comprehensive and creative tool, which helps women identify what their life’s purpose is and how to best use their archetypical connections to become a New Style Leader in our world. The system explores all aspects of your life:


A good story is always told from many levels.

  • A step-by-step approach that makes it easy for you to understand and communicate your personal culture and strengths; Your Valuable Life Story.
  • By using the Living Attributes system you can create your personal brand, your identity, and your quest.
  • We know storytelling is the age-old art that connects people and archetypes are the architects of story… There is no story without them.

Archetypes are universal characters that cross all time, culture and history; Storytelling connects people at a deep, emotionally charged level.

Your personal story can be an inspiration to others and when you fully connect to your deep archetypical patterning, it awakens a larger story and meaningful life. It also enables you to communicate in a more compelling and consistent manner. Your message can guide your story and move the hearts of people you meet and do business with.

The more connected and authentic you are, the more memorable your story becomes, and the easier it is to communicate to your audience. The Living Attributes system has many key elements that are discussed at your personal culture appointment, this session is designed to identify and help you build your New Style Leadership values and strengths. Through this process, I will uncover and align your story with your business or vocation and put strategies in place to assist you on your journey.

I also have extensive experience at facilitating New Style Leadership groups – So if you are someone who really wants to step up and start living the life you are encoded to live, Living Attributes can help you do that. Living Attributes gives you tools to identify your archetypes and then put their amazing qualities to use so you can shine and live your true story.

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