What do you do again?

People often ask “What do you do again?”

And I tell them, “I assist people to identify their personality and life purpose” – But what they’re really asking is “HOW do you do it?”

Here’s an overview if you’re interested –

Working with the Living Attributes Typology; Takes you on a deep exploration of the nature of your “archetypical patterning” – This is where you access and engage with your creative potential and energy flow that is unique to you.

Completing your Living Attributes Typology; Profiles the specific Archetypes for your personality and purpose – This typology singles out a number of key archetypes and their role in your life on four levels – Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Celestial (Life Purpose); 

Each archetype represents a personality and purpose system you can understand and relate to; here’s just a few – The Visionary, The Teacher and The Maiden.

Some of the insights you will gain in this interactive, reflective and creative process:

1. A clear outline of the Living Attributes archetypes;

2. A detailed view of how these archetypes are working in your life at this time;

3. An overview of where you are placed on your archetypical journey;

4. Clear insights into your personal power and your shadow self;

5. Identify your “Brand Avatar” Archetypes that will direct your vocation in life.

6. Help with understanding your challenges, some of which might be particular to current situations and some which you might recognize as ongoing challenges;

7. Unpack your “limiting core beliefs” (this is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing when viewed objectively);

8. Discover your life purpose and leadership style;

Contact me if you are looking to get clear around your personality and life purpose.

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Creative director / Elizabeth Ellames

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