Prayer to the Ancestors


Hello peep’s,
I’m connecting in with you today with a message around your true purpose. It’s August and in the Living Attributes Typology that marks the time of the year for your Higher Heart opening. It is also the month when we connect to our ancestors with gratitude and ask for guidance around our purpose in life.

What does it mean to have a higher heart opening?

It is the opportunity to connect to your purpose at a much higher level, hence becoming your higher purpose. Each year at this time, in this system, our spirit invites us to step through the gateway of the Higher Heart and become more of who we really are. More of who we came here to be, step by step, year by year, our spirit is guiding us closer and closer to our ultimate destiny. And our trusted allies in this process are our beloved ancestors. I encourage you to call on them to help you, support you and bless you every step of the way on this amazing journey we call life.

Prayer to the Ancestors

I ask those who came before me.
The ones who gave of their love, their talents, and their knowledge.

I ask you, my beloved Ancestors to be present in my heart. To be there when I bring forth my gifts, that you gave me.

Such valuable and precious gifts they are, a continuum of love and understanding, that has been passed on from generation to generation. I give thanks to you for your kindness, your wisdom, and strength that now lives on in me.

My connection to you brings me comfort. And even though I may not know you now, we are family, and our connection will never die.

I thank you, my beloved Ancestors, it is because of you that I am alive.

So Be It

Heart To Heart – Elizabeth Ellames

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