Valuable Tool

Here is a meditation video and intro to the Living Attributes Daily Practice – this video has been created to help women stay centred and connected to their archetypes.

It’s a valuable little tool to use when you’re at work or any time during your busy daily life.

Every woman is a Living Goddess waiting to be born onto this earth…
As you embark on this glorious journey into the realm of the Goddess, know that its process is more natural than any worldly practice you may encounter. Know that the real power of the Goddess is in you, in me and is a much needed force on our planet today.
Awaken her Love, her Light, and her Luster in you and feel the true power you were designed and destined to be.

To Be Woman
To Be Effective
To Be Powerful
Is To Live The Natural Force Of The GODDESS

Book in to find out your combination of archetypes and start using this subtle but powerful meditation as your daily practice.


Tel: 040 330 9696

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