Born Out Of Truth And Love

Learning to live from the ‘pure essence’ of who you are as a woman can often be harder than you think. As a modern woman, you live in a world that is constantly changing and presenting you with a myriad of old and new demands and distractions. Perhaps you don’t have time to even listen to your personal needs anymore.

When was the last time you asked yourself these vital questions –

  • Who am I really?
  • Who am I when I’m NOT a mother, daughter, sister, friend, career person, girlfriend or wife?
  • When do I make time to purely nurture my spirit and myself?

At “The Sanctuary 2016” you will experience…

  • The power of connecting and collaborating with other women.
  • Why self-care comes before family, friends and community care.
  • That you don’t need permission to shine from anyone else, other than your true self.
  • And that the essence of who you are is a natural and powerful force from within.

Unite Your Women Present – The Sanctuary Summit 2016

A two-day annual event that’s been created for women of all ages

Come and experience the full spectrum of being a woman; and let the Beauty and Truth of your spirit shine forth on to the world.

Dates Coming Soon….

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