What a Woman !

Hi there all,

Well 25 years of the afternoon cuppa and a chat with Oprah are over. What can I say, other than What A Woman!!

She has inspired women, educated women but more than anything liberated women. Her ability to stay true to her feminine nature was unforgettable, she allowed her emotional self to be present at all times and that is one of the most important strengths we have as women. I praise her committment and conviction, in remaining a spiritual woman in a very public arena. She often struggled with her weight, but we didn’t care about how she looked, because it was her spirit so pure and giving that we were so hungry for, all we saw was the beauty of her soul. She is the most celebrated and influential woman in the world today, incredible. – We love her because she ignited something in us, that showed us, we all can make a difference.  

Oprah Winfrey will go down in history as one of the greatest female change-catalysts of all time. Her ability to honor and take care of her own God-Given gift of being an excellent communicator, is something to be eternally grateful for. She has used her vocation to serve many, she is an exquisite example of – when you know what you want to give, the universe responds.

She showed us what is possible when you stay true to your Gift, and know that it’s not only about your own gain, but rather about serving the world. 

Your jewels Oprah have been many – Hope, Love, Respect, Compassion, Humour, Beauty, Understanding, Insight, Knowledge.

Thank you Oprah for showing us the way, I know you have been like a big sister to me. XOX

So girls, lets keep the torch burning by remembering our own God-Given Gifts, and find our way in the world that can serve many.

Love Elizabeth 

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  1. I love .. wow what a great site! I reckon I can try to come to one of your meets. Will let you know thanks again love Erika

  2. I can only agree with your praise for Oprah, Elizabeth. The gorgeous photo you have included in your post has really captured Oprah’s inner beauty and outer style.

    As I watched her farewell show on Friday evening – as she was sharing her key tips and learnings from the last 25 years, I marvelled at how apparent Oprah’s Star cornerstone is. She even specifically identified the importance of gratitude!

    Thus during the farewell program I found I was marvelling not only at Oprah’s contribution to the world and to women specifically but marvelling at the resonance of her journey with the Star Cornerstone from your Cornerstone framework Elizabeth.

    Those of us lucky enough to live in Adelaide are blest indeed to be able to access you to learn about our Cornerstones with which to better understand ourselves, our spiritual journey and our true purpose, AND to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the journey and contributions of other women.

    So hooray for Oprah and hooray for you Elizabeth!

    I’m loving your blogs – and looking forward to reading more of them.

    Cherie X

    1. Thank you with all my heart Cherie – your comment really touched me. Elizabeth x

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