Revealing the GIFT

Revealing the Gift 

It is through my own spiritual discovery of the two worlds, (Lower Worlds & Upper Worlds) that brought me closer to the experience of the Christ within us. As we create more harmony in the soul, we are able to draw from the worlds around us and within us. This is what I was referring to when I first had the insight 7 years ago, about everything having an available symbiotic system that works in harmony with us. And of course there are other systems that are equally available, but don’t necessarily aid in the same harmonic fashion. Some are life generating while others are for the purpose of entropy.

The LivingAttributes System & Temple de Lumiere is a complete system for the purpose of creating harmony between the Upper and Lower worlds, through this balancing process (correct & transform) of the souls environment we ultimately reach True Peace.

The acknowledgement of the Light in all that is – celebrates the light of God in all of creation. Even if one can’t fully embrace this experience at first, faith in it, will eventually deliver them to it. I believe the experience of attributes such as Unity, Love, Beauty, Peace, Joy and Kindness are key factors in the true celebration of Gods Light.

Through the use of symbolism (art), colour, words, sound (song) and union, there is a shift that occurs in ones whole system (self/body), graciously aiding in the shift of the whole and larger system (Earth). These mediums are in a way like portals to the Upper Worlds, they are systems and the environments for particular light forms. These Light forms (angels) are available to work with us, they are there to guide us into the full expansion of the Upper Worlds were we become one with the Christ Light.

It is said that the universal law of attraction guides us toward – What we want to give. This explains beautifully how our gifts are our quintessential drivers toward fulfilling our true purpose in life. As we recognize and work with our point in the heart, which is our homing device, we instinctively reach home base – giving us more clarity and ease than when we randomly look for what we think brings us Bliss. Once we know what our inbuilt homing device feels like, and ultimately what it feels like to come HOME, we can then let go of the fear/anxiety of whether or not we are on purpose in our life. This surrendering of our fixed outcomes is actually our ticket HOME, and its in honouring our gifts to the world (true talents) that we find the correct vehicle that take us there.

We often take our gift or gifts for granted because they seem to come easily to us and there for think they are not of any great value. God gave our gifts to us freely; it is up to us to use these gifts wisely and with great reverence. Our gift is the most valuable possession we will ever own in this lifetime, purely because of where it came from – God. Lets look at the allegory of the word gift. A gift is usually a symbolic gesture of gratitude or marks a celebration of some sort.  If we view our gifts as something of a celebration, and we always like to celebrate in union, so let’s start celebrating our ability to share our gifts with the world. 

Everything about our journey on Earth is about giving; the ability to give is the most joyous thing we can do. Keeping everything to our self for the purpose of only receiving is counter productive. It eventually creates a vacuum and we become either energetically congested to the point of wanting to explode or we implode energetically not knowing how to deal with life out side our self; lost in a sea of “where am I?”

Understanding and accepting the nature of our true gifts brings us home again, there is nothing to become anymore, because the surrender was really only surrendering to the true nature of who we are. The Shadow Self’s fear is; The Fear Of Being Seen And Heard. Either way the fear will kill our light and kill the life we were meant to live (by the way ‘live’ spelt backwards is ‘evil’). So the evil of not sharing our gift is actually not fully living our life.

Image if these people didn’t share their gifts –

Rudolf Steiner,

Joseph Campbell,

Carl Jung,

James Dean,

Walt Disney,

Albert Einstein,

Martin Luther King Jr,

Nelson Mandela,

Michael Jackson,

Edith Piaf,

Shirley Temple,

John Keats,

Coco Chanel,

Steve Jobs,

Mark Zuckerburg,

Meryl Streep,

Elizabeth Taylor,

Audrey Hepburn,

Richard Branson,

Anita Rhodic,

Greta Garbo,

Charlie Chaplin,

Louise Hay,

Buck Minster Fuller,

Carl Sagan,

Steven Spielberg,

George Lucas,

Stevie Wonder,

George Washington,

Sri Krishna,

Emperor Constantine,

Martin Luther,


Charles de Gaulle,

Franklin D. Roosevelt,

Joan of Arc,

Sir Isaac Newton ,

Queen Victoria ,

Benjamin Franklin,


Alexander the Great,

Galileo Galilee,

Mahatma Gandhi,



Catherine the Great,


Princess Diana ,

Paul Newman,

Oscar Wilde ,

Napoleon Bonaparte,


Florence Nightingale,

Leonardo da Vinci ,

Louis Pasteur,

Leo Tolstoy ,

Mother Teresa,

Pablo Picasso,

Mohammed Ali,

John F. Kennedy,

Queen Elizabeth 1,

Marie Curie,

Eva Peron

Elvis Presley,

Rosa Parks ,


Desmond Tutu,

Dalai Lama,

Barack Obama,

Jamie Oliver,



Ernest Hemingway ,

John Lennon,

Henry Ford,


Marilyn Monroe,

Oprah Winfrey,

Jesse Owens,

Bill Gates.

All these gifted and talented people have shared their gifts with the world and created a processional effect for many others.  And of course there are thousands of other individuals who have shared their gifts without the recognition. Interesting though, how all the people mentioned didn’t become less of themselves by sharing their gifts; in fact they actually increased their presence because of it.

So if we view these wonderful role models and icons as an example of what is possible, we see that if they hadn’t shared their gifts with the world, we wouldn’t be even having this conversation. Actually I wouldn’t be able to write this article on my computer and send it out to the world. Their personal drive to do their work and share their gifts has served in evolving our planet in many ways. It doesn’t matter what arena we choose to play in, there is a divine reason why we have the gift that we do and from a big picture view it is all-perfect.

The key factor here is –‘ Where do we like to be the most? ‘– This is how our inner homing device comes in to play; it’s our point in the heart that directs us like a compass to where we need to be. Each vocation is as important as the next.

The main areas of influence in the world are – Science, Arts, Industry, Education, Government and Wellbeing, all areas of creative expression aid in the evolution of the whole. When we are able to view life from a more conscious and contributing standpoint, our gifts begin to increase in value. We begin to see where we could be of value to the whole. We drop the need for it to be about money or personal gain and realize that our unique gifts are about giving to world in the best way we possibly can.

We are often hell bent on collecting and holding on to what we think is rightfully ours – then it some how slips away from us again. Like sand in an hourglass, we keep turning it up again hoping it will stay full this time. We haven’t learnt the dance of give a little here, give a little there and only take what you know you can give back.

Lets remember we have and have always had something of amazing value to offer the world. Lets celebrate the Gift that we were born to be.

There is no beginning and there is no end, only the never ending story – US.

Love Elizabeth Ellames





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  1. This is a very helpful insight that you have shared – a wonderful reference that I will read and read again to remind me of the process of finding my true purpose. Thank you Elizabeth for giving of your gifts so generously.
    Cherie X

    1. Thank you again Cherie – your ability to really hear my message is always very touching to me.
      I believe that is one of you true and most beautiful gifts – Dear One.
      Love Elizabeth x

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