What is Temple de Lumiere?


Temple de Lumiere is a light vessel/group of women who share a passion and vision for a better world, one that sustains life and offers our future generations hope, beauty, well-being, and peace.

There is no doubt that we are now living in a rapidly changing world.

And that’s why my intention for Temple de Lumiere is to awaken within the women who attend, a sense of responsibility about what part of that change they want to participate in. Temple de Lumiere celebrates life on our beautiful planet Earth, and through our collective impulse of love and joy in our hearts, we can generously direct and pass on to other life forms around the world. (Forests, animals, ocean, families, communities etc.)

The current trend is indeed to correct and connect; we have in some ways successfully done this through the power of our new technology, and I have to say in a very short time span. I believe we are now at the next stage of our development though, which appears to be at an acceleration point in our human evolution, it is now time for our unity consciousness to do the same; correct and connect.

Through the power of our new technologies and amazing research, we know how we have evolved physically, but in order to truly survive as a whole, we must wake up and evolve into our true spiritual nature, by remembering we are one.

The impulse to survive is encoded in our DNA and women understand the nature of ‘sustaining life’ more than anyone. We are encoded with the process of creation; birth, life, rebirth and we can extend that power from our hearts to the whole planet.

We can as a feminine collective birth a whole new and effective symbiotic system on planet Earth, that can sustain all life. My hope is that as we come together as one divine body, we will create the positive changes needed to sustain life, not for just a few, but for the greater good of all.

Love Elizabeth


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