Words Beyond the Ordinary

Quotes from the HEART.

‘It is not always whether the right question is being asked, but rather has it truly been heard. True enquiry is the way to Gods infinite mind and ones listening heart is our only passage.’

 ‘The weaving of words is a way in which the light may reach a willing mind, and in time those words become action and that action becomes light filled.’

 ‘The unleashing of the imagination creates ones heartfelt desire to be free, this then leads them to the delightful realization, that the clarity of ones purpose in life is indeed their true freedom.’

 ‘Obedience of the heart comes at an extraordinary price, when one is able to give ones life over to a greater and more auspicious power; they become the receiver and transfiguration of Gods divine intention. There is no greater Gift in ones life than this.’

 ‘Be it humble, be it pure or even profound; my love for all that is, is my insatiable longing to be in the heart and mind of my one true God, forever free to be and forever an expression of divine light.’

 ‘My responsibility to you is to be me, for as I grow beyond my manufactured self and reveal my God self I create more light, more love, more life.’

 ‘Our life journey is simply the Souls quest to create heaven on earth and every heartfelt Desire we have is a step towards that goal.’

 ‘As I give of my heart, my mind will follow, for above the realm of reason rests the light and love of all that is worth having in ones life.’

 ‘Only in my heart can I know God, for that is where God is. If my day becomes dark and my night a presence with out end, remind me dear angel of hope, that the sun is in my heart, a glow of pure divinity that will help me find my way home.’

                                                                                    Written by Elizabeth Ellames 

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